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Case Management

Occupational Therapists working as case managers for individuals with catastrophic injuries contribute to improving their overall quality of life and helping them regain a sense of purpose and independence. Catastrophic injuries, such as spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and severe orthopaedic injuries, often result in significant physical, cognitive, and emotional changes that require a comprehensive and specialised support.


Through their expertise in rehabilitation, Occupational Therapists play an instrumental role in guiding clients through the complex journey of adapting to their new circumstances and optimising their potential for recovery and meaningful engagement in life by:

  • coordinating knew and rehabilitation,

  • communicating clearly with family and clients, therapists and carers

  • providing education

  • providing emotional support to clients and their families 

  • setting realistic goals for recovery

  • developing coping strategies for managing the emotional and psychological challenges that often accompany catastrophic injuries

  • working with clients on their families to achieve an accessible and supportive home environment ensuring that the individual can engage in meaningful activities despite the new limitations.

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