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Occupational Therapists specialising in paediatrics play a vital role in improving the lives of children with the various physical disabilities or developmental challenges. 

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We empower children with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives by promoting independence, designing adaptive solutions and fostering inclusion within home, school, and community settings enhancing their overall quality of life

We do this by: 

  • Conducting comprehensive assessments to evaluate the child's motor skills, sensory processing, cognitive development, and self-care abilities

  • Devise individualised treatment plans that incorporate playful and engaging activities to help children achieve developmental milestones and maximise their independence

  • Collaborate closely with families and caregivers

  • Provide education on techniques and strategies to facilitate the child's progress at home and in various social contexts 

  • Creating supportive environments for the child to develop and learn

  • Providing specialist adaptive equipment that enhance the child's functional abilities comfort and overall well-being

  • Working closely with parents, educators, and healthcare professionals to create a comprehensive support network for the child

  • Advocating for the child's needs whether it's accessing appropriate educational resource is or securing funding for necessary equipment

  • Providing ongoing monitoring and adjustment of interventions as the child grows and develops.

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