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Occupational Therapy NI strives to enable individuals to achieve their maximum potential in their daily activities at home, school, workplace, and the community

We achieve this by completing a thorough assessment which can include assessment of: 

  • physical function 

  • cognition/behaviour

  • mental health 

  • sensory processing 

  • social and physical environments

We provide: 

  • rehabilitation programmes

  • strategies to facilitate independence

  • advice & support on maintaining function and independence

  • advice & support on specialist equipment

  • recommendations for adaptations

  • comprehensive detailed reports

  • fitness to work reports

  • risk assessments



Occupational Therapy NI supports adults facing challenges such as injury, physical or mental health illness, disability, and/or frailty due to ageing, to regain or remain as independent as possible in their everyday activities.


Occupational Therapy NI has a team of paediatric occupational therapists who play a vital role in supporting children living with various conditions and disabilities.

Seating & Postural Management

Occupational Therapy Northern Ireland works with children and adults who have a variety of postural management needs, and we play a crucial role in the assessment and prescription of, seating, wheelchair and postural management aids such as wheelchair cushion, sleep systems and splints. 


Occupational Therapy NI can assess the physical environment of your home and provide advice and recommendations on how to remain and independent at home

Occupational Health

Occupational Therapy NI supports employees and employers with managing health and wellbeing at work, and improving staff morale and productivity for the workforce.


Occupational Therapy NI supports neurodiverse children and adults in their home, school, workplace, and community.

Case Management

Occupational Therapy NI provides case management services to children and adults following a catastrophic injury such as brain injury, spinal cord injury, serious orthopaedic injury and amputation.  


Occupational Therapy NI can assess the Occupational Therapy Northern Ireland provides workplace training to various types of businesses from SME to large corporate firms.  

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