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Seating & Postural Management

Postural management involves the assessment and management of all positions that an individual adopts including sitting and lying. 


Occupational Therapy Northern Ireland works with children and adults who have a variety of postural management needs, and we play a crucial role in the assessment and prescription of: 

• Seating 

• Wheelchair 

• Postural management aids such as wheelchair cushion, sleep systems and splints

When assessing and prescribing seating, wheelchairs, postural management aids, we also carefully consider: 

  • the carer and their abilities/underlying health conditions 

  • the home environment 

  • transport 

  • physical and cognitive ability of the individual 

  • age of the individual 

We aim to provide individualised solutions to improve the individual’s comfort, function, and independence. By addressing these aspects, we help individuals participate in daily activities, improve their mobility, promote inclusion, support the caregiver, and prevent complications.

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