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How the Arts bring physical, cognitive and psychological benefit

Updated: Mar 18

This weekend Occupational Therapy NI sponsored the return of Enniskillen Light Operatic to the stage at the Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen. The show was energetic, nostalgic, funny, and sad displaying phenomenal talent. It was wonderful to be back in a “covid safe” theatre, to mix with friends and strangers and enjoy a night of song and dance.

The Arts provide great joy and meaning for many people. Whether you are performing or spectating. Whether it’s music, dance, or theatre, the Arts bring a plethora of physical, cognitive and psychological benefits for everyone.

Physical demands:

– getting ready to leave the house

– travelling to/accessing the venue

– practising the performance

– watching the performance (you may not think it, but watching a performance also brings physical and cognitive demands)

– interacting with others

Cognitive demands:

– planning the trip or performance

– memorising tasks required

– following and critiquing the performance

Psychological demands:

– getting out of the house

– spending time with others

– working as a team to produce an end result whether it’s the performance or just a night out

– interacting with others

– sharing a common interest with others

– entertaining others/being entertained

The recent covid pandemic highlighted for everyone the importance of meaningful occupations in our lives. Occupational Therapists recognise this importance and use it as part of the rehabiliation process to enable individuals to engage in activity this, enhancing their health and well-being.

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